POR Movie: Engaging College Drama Headlined by Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram

POR is an upcoming Indian bilingual film releasing in Tamil and Hindi that promises an entertaining youthful ride. Starring Arjun Das, Kalidas Jayaram and TJ Bhanu in the lead roles, the movie is set against the backdrop of a college festival. Helmed by noted director Bejoy Nambiar, POR examines the nuances of friendship through the lives of two clashing college mates. With its lively campus setting, young ensemble cast and dramatic story, POR is poised to strike a chord with youth audiences upon its theatrical release.

Campus Drama About Contrasting Friends

As conveyed by its teaser, POR’s story seems to revolve around the turbulent friendship between two college-going boys with contrasting personalities. Arjun Das portrays an intense, short-tempered student while Kalidas Jayaram plays his friend who is amicable and cheerful. Their opposing traits lead to a clash of egos that tests their bond.

The college festival setting becomes the stage for drama to unfold between the lead pair. Competition in cultural activities pits them against each other, further straining relations. Things escalate into a rivalry involving their friend circles. However, the fact that they were close friends initially hints at buried layers in their equations waiting to be unravelled.

Multilingual Release Expanding the Reach

Adding to the buzz around POR is the fact that it is releasing as a bilingual in Tamil and Hindi. The Tamil version retains the title POR while the Hindi version is titled Dange. This multilingual strategy allows the campus drama to appeal to youth audiences across India.

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While Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram reprise their roles in Tamil, the Hindi version stars Harshvardhan Rane and Ehan Bhatt as the leads. The bilingual approach is sure to maximize POR’s opening and reception upon release.

Young and Promising Lead Cast

An interesting aspect about POR is its fresh lead cast filled with promising young actors. Arjun Das has impressed Tamil viewers with diverse films like Kaithi and Iravin Nizhal showcasing his versatility. His intensity is apt for playing the rugged college student in POR.

POR Tamil Movie

Kalidas Jayaram, son of veteran actor Jayaram, left a mark with his very first film Poomaram in Malayalam. His energetic screen presence should shine through in POR’s campus scenes. Together, Arjun and Kalidas should make for an engaging duo.

The lead cast also includes rising actress TJ Bhanu who shined in films like Master and Bigil previously. Her popularity among youth audiences is sure to aid the film. Sanchana Natarajan plays her counterpart in Tamil.

Lead Cast at a Glance

Tamil Version

  • Arjun Das
  • Kalidas Jayaram
  • TJ Bhanu

Hindi Version

  • Harshvardhan Rane
  • Ehan Bhatt
  • Nikita Dutta

Vibrant Depiction of College Life

Since POR is set in a college, the film promises to capture the energy and nostalgia of campus life effectively. The teaser indicates an authentic re-creation of hostel rooms, college canteens, fest ambiance and more. Through its visuals, the movie seems set to transport viewers back to their college days.

Even the college festival events like arts competitions, stage performances and sports tournaments integral to the plot have been shot realistically. Moments of adolescent fun alongside drama should appeal to youth sensibilities. First-time director Mithila Palkar’s experience as an architecture graduate probably lent authenticity to the film’s production design.

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Director Bejoy Nambiar’s Craft and Meta Elements

Helmed by noted filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar, POR is also likely to stand out for its technical finesse and inventive narrative techniques. Known for acclaimed films like Solo and Taish, Nambiar infuses style into his storytelling.

His use of flashbacks, nonlinear chronology and meta elements will add layers to the plot beyond just being a campus drama. While appealing to youth, POR promises creative sensibilities that mark the director’s previous work. Nambiar seems capable of balancing commercial and classy cinema.

‘Kadhal Ondru’ Song Brings Romantic Flavor

The film’s recently released Tamil song ‘Kadhal Ondru’ has become a chartbuster, crossing 20 million views online. Penned by Madhan Karky and sung melodiously by Sooraj Santhosh, it is a romantically themed duet song featuring the lead pair.

The track provides a soothing contrast to the film’s intense drama. POR’s soundtrack by Mahesh Shankar should work well in accentuating the varying moods and establishing period flavour. Overall, the songs should appeal to youthful music sensibilities.

POR TJ Bhanu Movie

Grand Theatrical Release on March 3, 2024

After generating buzz through its engaging teasers and trailer, POR is gearing up for theatrical release in multiple languages on March 3, 2024. The bilingual film will be premiering across Tamil Nadu and North India simultaneously.

The distribution strategy should help it tap into a wide audience base right from opening day. Positive word of mouth can ensure a strong run at the box office aided by the campus theme’s appeal to youth moviegoers. Watching Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram’s chemistry unfold on the big screen will be a fun experience.

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Strong Pre-Release Buzz Among Youth Audiences

Ever since the project was announced with Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram’s names attached, POR managed to garner attention from young movie fans. The lead pair’s recent successes have increased expectations from the film.

The teaser hinting at an engaging college-based plot raised curiosity further. Audiences are eager to see the fresh leads portraying age-appropriate roles. Additionally, the multilingual release strategy has expanded the buzz for the project in North India too. Overall, POR seems to have cracking youth appeal already.

What Makes POR an Exciting Prospect?

Looking at all the promos and available information, POR stands out for the below reasons:

  • Novel storyline about contrasting college friends locked in rivalry
  • Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram’s fresh pairing with acclaimed pedigree
  • Bejoy Nambiar’s directorial style elevating the proceedings
  • Realistic depiction of college life’s fun and drama
  • Bilingual Tamil-Hindi release targeting pan-India youth
  • Chartbuster music by Mahesh Shankar already popular
  • Leverages star director Nambiar’s clout among class audiences

Why POR is a Milestone for Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram

Though both have shown promise earlier, POR emerges as a landmark film respectively for Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram due to these factors:

  • Brings together their contrasting screen appeal for the first time
  • Youthful campus subject perfectly suited for their age and image
  • Bilingual strategy allowing pan-India exposure for both
  • Arjun gets to balance intensity with lighter moments
  • Provides a platform for Kalidas to charm Tamil viewers after his Malayalam debut
  • Biggest theatrical release yet for both actors
  • Chance to demonstrate their pairing’s box office viability


Backed by an interesting storyline, fresh lead pair, youthful ambiance and Bejoy Nambiar’s vision, POR has the makings of an engaging theatrical experience. Blending friendship drama with a lively campus backdrop, the film boasts appeal for young audiences while leveraging the talents of its cast. POR seems well-positioned to emerge as an important milestone for Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram professionally. If the film resonates with its target demographics, the bilingual approach can give it pan-India success. For viewers looking for an entertaining college drama, POR is definitely worth catching in cinemas this March.