Double Tuckerr Movie : Get Ready For An Entertaining Ride in 2024

The Tamil film industry is buzzing with excitement about the upcoming movie Double Tuckerr, set to release in 2024. Directed by Meera Mahadhi and produced by Air Flick, Double Tuckerr promises to be an entertaining mix of comedy, action and drama. With a talented cast and crew, spectacular visuals and foot-tapping music, the film is already creating hype among fans.

The Story and Cast That Has Everyone Talking

Double Tuckerr revolves around two lookalike petty thieves named Tuckerr and Tuckerr (both played by actor Dheeraj). Their resemblance leads to hilarious confusion and crazy escapades as they are mistaken for each other. Adding to the chaos is a don (played by M.S. Baskar) who thinks there is only one Tuckerr and a police officer (played by Kovai Sarala) who is trying to nab the real thieves.

Double Tuckerr Dheeraj Tamil Movie

The cast is filled with experienced actors who are sure to tickle the funny bone. Dheeraj, known for his comic timing, has wowed fans with his dual act in the teaser. Smurthi Venkat, who plays the female lead, provides a lovely charm. Veteran actors like Kovai Sarala and M.S. Baskar lend their impeccable comedic skills to make the movie a laugh riot. Other actors like Muneesh Kanth, Kaali Venkat, Sunil Reddy, Sha Ra and Karunakaran are set to entertain in their unique roles.

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Visual Spectacle and Foot-Tapping Music

From the teaser, it is evident that Double Tuckerr will be a visual spectacle, thanks to cinematographer Gautham Rajendran. The vibrant colors, interesting locations, action sequences and CGI effects promise a theatrical experience for the audience.

The music of Double Tuckerr has been composed by maestro Vidya Sagar. The songs released so far have become chartbusters, with the quirky lyrics of Pa. Vijay and singing talents like Anirudh, Vijay Yesudas and Bombay Jayashree. The background score by Vidya Sagar is sure to complement the antics on screen.

Release Date and Hype

Double Tuckerr is scheduled for release on September 29, 2024, just before the festive season. The teaser which released on February 23, 2024 has already crossed 10 million views, showing the insane hype and anticipation for this movie.

Both fans and critics are looking forward to this comedy caper. Lead actor Dheeraj has described it as a ‘laughing riot’ and that he had great fun playing the dual role. With holidays around the corner, Double Tuckerr is slated to attract family audiences and become a blockbuster hit.

What Makes Double Tuckerr Stand Out

Double Tuckerr has several elements that make it stand out from other Tamil movies and promise an entertaining experience for the audience:

  • Unique and Hilarious Storyline: The story revolves around two lookalike petty thieves creating confusion and laughs with their antics. This mistaken identity plot with a comic twist is something new for Tamil films.
  • Dheeraj’s Dual Act: Dheeraj is essaying two very interesting and funny characters, showcasing his acting chops. His perfect comic timing and on-screen charm lend appeal to both roles.
  • Ensemble Cast: The film boasts of a talented ensemble cast with seasoned actors like Kovai Sarala, M.S. Baskar and others who are sure to deliver top-notch performances.
  • Spectacular Visuals: If the teaser is anything to go by, Double Tuckerr promises grand visuals, action sequences and CGI effects, crafted brilliantly by the technical crew.
  • Foot-Tapping Music: The songs of Double Tuckerr are already chartbusters. Maestro Vidya Sagar’s music and background score will beautifully complement the movie.
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What to Look Forward to in Double Tuckerr

Here are some of the highlights that audiences can look forward to when they watch Double Tuckerr:

Double Tuckerr Smurthi Venkat Tamil Movie

Hilarious Mistaken Identity Slapstick

The comical confusion between the two similar-looking Tuckerrs and how they are mistaken for each other will lead to endless laugh-out-loud moments involving both the characters and the police. Fans can look forward to hilarious slapstick and mix-up scenes throughout the movie.

Dheeraj’s Spectacular Double Act

Dheeraj has put in tremendous effort to portray the two very different physiques, mannerisms and styles of the characters Tuckerr and Tuckerr. His phenomenal grasp of both roles promises show-stealing performances.

Kovai Sarala and M.S. Baskar’s Veteran Comedy

Comedy veterans Kovai Sarala and M.S. Baskar are sure to deliver top-notch performances as the cop and don respectively. Their perfect comic timing and dialogue delivery will be a joy to watch.

High-Octane Action and Chase Sequences

Being an action comedy, Double Tuckerr promises adrenaline-filled action sequences involving the lookalikes, cops and the don’s henchmen. There will also be hilarious chase sequences as part of the mistaken identity plot.

Chartbuster Songs and Background Score

The songs are already a sensation and the background score by maestro Vidya Sagar will beautifully complement the entertainment quotient. Music will be a highlight of Double Tuckerr.

Opulent Production Values

From grand sets to exotic foreign locales, dazzling CG effects and creative cinematography, Double Tuckerr promises to be high on production values, providing a spectacular theatrical experience.

Why Double Tuckerr Stands Out

Double Tuckerr has several noteworthy aspects that make it stand out as an exciting Tamil movie to look forward to:

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Unique and Intriguing Premise

The plot revolving around two lookalike petty thieves is novel for Tamil cinema and serves up endless possibilities for entertainment, comedy, action and confusion. This premise provides fresh appeal.

Dheeraj in a Challenging Double Role

Leading man Dheeraj plays dual roles for the first time, showcasing his talent to craft two contrasting characters while ensuring they spark hilarity with their similarities. This act requires flawless execution.

Stellar Supporting Cast

Veteran comedy actors Kovai Sarala, M.S. Baskar and others lend their brilliance to Double Tuckerr. Their phenomenal comic timing and performance will be invaluable.

Visual Spectacle Assured

With cinematographer Gautham Rajendran and VFX teams on board, Double Tuckerr promises to be a visually dazzling movie leveraging colorful cinematography and VFX.

Chartbuster Album from Vidya Sagar

Maestro Vidya Sagar providing the songs and background score guarantees that music will be a highlight and perfectly suit the movie.

More About Double Tuckerr: Cast and Crew Details

Double Tuckerr boasts of a talented cast and crew who have come together to make this entertainer possible. Here are some details.


Tuckerr / TuckerrDheeraj
Female LeadSmurthi Venkat
Police OfficerKovai Sarala
DonM.S. Baskar
Tuckerr’s friendMuneesh Kanth
Don’s sidekickKaali Venkat
Police ConstableSunil Reddy
Don’s henchmanSha Ra
Tuckerr’s friendKarunakaran
Item dancerYashika Anand


DirectorMeera Mahadhi
ProducersAir Flick
WritersMeera Mahadhi, Chandru
MusicVidya Sagar
CinematographyGautham Rajendran
EditorVetrivel A.S
Art DirectorSubramaniya Suresh
Costume DesignerDr. Vinothini Pandian
LyricsPa. Vijay, Ku. Karthik, Super Subu
ActionDanger Mani
VFXSymbiosis Technologies
DI and ColoristBaywood Virtual FX, Karthik V

With such a stellar and experienced team driving it, Double Tuckerr promises to be an entertaining joyride for audiences when it hits screens.


With its unique story, Dheeraj’s double act, visual spectacle and foot-tapping music, Double Tuckerr has all the elements of a potential blockbuster. Comedy aficionados can look forward to rib-tickling confusion, laughs and madness when this movie releases on September 29, 2024. With the holiday period coming up, Double Tuckerr is surely going to attract crowds and emerge as a huge entertainer.

The hype is real and expectations are sky-high for this comedy caper. We will have to wait and see if the movie lives up to all the anticipation and gives fans a fun time at the theaters. One thing is for sure, Double Tuckerr will be an entertaining ride featuringconfusion, slapshtick, stellar performances and great music.

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