Chaitra – The Beginning of the End Movie: A Riveting Mystery Thriller

Arriving in cinemas on November 17th, 2023, ‘Chaitra – The Beginning of the End’ is an upcoming Tamil mystery thriller written and directed by M. Jenith Kumar. Headlined by Yashika Anand, Avitej and Shakthi Mahendrah, this intriguing film revolves around the sudden disappearance of a housewife named Chaitra. With its unpredictable storyline filled with secrets and shocking twists, ‘Chaitra’ aims to keep audiences glued to their seats.

The Gripping Storyline

‘Chaitra – The Beginning of the End’ opens with housewife Chaitra attempting suicide, distressed about her marriage with Kathir. One fateful night, strange happenings occur in their house when the power goes off. The next morning, Kathir finds Chaitra has vanished, with no trace or clue about her whereabouts.

The police begin an investigation, led by intelligent detective Divya. As Divya starts unraveling secrets and suspicions around Chaitra’s life, a series of stunning revelations and conspiracy theories come forth. What exactly happened on that night of Chaitra’s disappearance forms the crux of this exciting mystery thriller.

Compelling Performances by the Cast

Yashika Anand as Chaitra

In the titular role of the missing Chaitra is actress Yashika Anand, best known for films like ‘Iruttu’ and ‘Dhayam’. Her innocent girl-next-door appeal aptly captures Chaitra’s ordinariness on the surface that seems to hide disturbing secrets. Yashika’s performance adds an intriguing dimension to the enigmatic central character.

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Avitej as Kathir

Playing Chaitra’s husband Kathir is budding actor Avitej who enacts the complex, multi-layered character effectively. His anguished expressions and restraint help convey Kathir’s inner turmoil convincingly after his wife vanishes suddenly. Avitej’s onscreen chemistry with Yashika also comes across as authentic.

Shakthi Mahendrah as Detective Divya

Talented actress Shakthi Mahendrah steps into the shoes of intelligent detective Divya who takes up Chaitra’s curious case. Known for TV serials like ‘Amman’ and ‘Chinna Papa Periya Papa’, Shakthi brings calm confidence and sharp instincts to Divya’s character. Her performance provides an anchoring perspective amidst the sensational mystery.

Special Appearances

Veteran actor Kannan Varatharaj makes an impact in a brief but important appearance as a suspicious character linked to Chaitra’s disappearance. His gravitas adds to the intrigue and drama.

Arresting Visual Style and Music

‘Chaitra – The Beginning of the End’ boasts of sleek visuals and adroit editing by cinematographer P. Sathish Kumar. The dark, moody lighting aptly complements the thrilling happenings on screen. Soulful songs by music composer Ajith add depth while the background score elevates the tension. Overall, the arresting visual style and music enrich the narrative.

Pre-Release Buzz and Expectations

The missing person premise, sensational promotional posters and riveting trailer have generated positive buzz around ‘Chaitra’. Director Jenith Kumar’s track record with thrillers like ‘8 Thottakkal’ and Yashika’s following further raise expectations.

The film’s potential ‘whodunit’ angle with several possible suspects and motives has crime thriller fans excited. Trade analysts predict the movie will appeal strongly to B and C center mass audiences, besides metro multiplex crowds. With its dramatic hook of a housewife’s sudden disappearance, ‘Chaitra’ has the ingredients to keep audiences hooked and enthralled.

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Why ‘Chaitra – The Beginning of the End’ is a Must Watch

  • Intriguing missing person tale filled with secrets
  • Shocking conspiracy theories and suspects to keep guessing
  • Nuanced performances especially by Yashika Anand
  • Sharp editing and visuals enhancing the mysterious mood
  • Foot-tapping music score elevating the drama
  • Engaging police procedural angle led by Shakthi’s Divya
  • Director Jenith Kumar’s flair for crime thrillers evident
  • Dramatic promotional buzz indicating a potential sleeper hit

For thriller aficionados, ‘Chaitra – The Beginning of the End’ emerges as a must-watch edge-of-the-seat entertainer this November.

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Predicted Box Office Collections

Given the pre-release buzz and promotions, ‘Chaitra’ is predicted to collect ₹2-3 crores on opening day in Tamil Nadu. Strong word-of-mouth due to the gripping plot could help collect ₹8-10 crores opening weekend.

The film is expected to score well in B and C centers along with multiplexes due to its mass appeal. The lifetime collections are estimated to cross ₹20 crores if ‘Chaitra’ sustains attractively on weekdays.


With an exciting missing person premise filled with twists and turns, ‘Chaitra – The Beginning of the End’ has the makings of a potential sleeper hit. Driven by Yashika’s performance, deft storytelling and technical finesse, the movie offers an enthralling cinematic experience. For thriller fans, ‘Chaitra’ emerges as the perfect edge-of-the-seat theatrical ride this November.

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